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Horizon Acres is a division of Buchheit Agriculture. We have been helping the community care for poultry and game birds since 1934. Our experienced team is dedicated to you and your birds. See our care guide for expert advice from our staff for beginners and veterans alike.

We start with fresh, quality ingredients from local farmers to produce an all-natural, nutritious feed. Our poultry feed is fortified with vitamins and minerals as well as Diamond V yeast cultures, a natural probiotic, to aid digestion. We add oyster shell to our layer feeds to provide extra calcium to strengthen egg shells. We also offer supplements like Hen Scratch, Omega Gold, poultry grit and oyster shell. The result is premium nutrition for your poultry and game birds!


I am so glad you told me to feed Horizon Acres 16% Egg Layer Crumbles. My neighbors only feed scratch and they are not getting any eggs this winter. My chickens have never stopped laying!

Happy Customerfrom Buchheit of House Springs

We have a whole plethora of chickens, guinea fowl, ducks and a turkey, but I’ve found you are an excellent resource for them and I am able to get everything I need from you.

Lisa W.Holistic Horsemanship, LLC

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