Why Keep Ducks and Geese as Backyard Pets?

  • They make loving and entertaining pets.
  • They are natural weed eaters!
  • Duck eggs are especially good for baking because they are higher in fat.
  • Goose and duck eggs are bigger and higher in protein than chicken eggs, although less plentiful.
  • Geese make good “guard dogs”.
  • They can make your pond more beautiful.

What Do I Need to Keep Ducks and Geese?

  • Predator proof housing to keep ducks and geese safe at night is a must.
  • Horizon Acres Game Bird Starter, Horizon Acres Game Bird Conditioner or Horizon Acres All Flock fed at least twice daily and plenty of water to drink.
  • Water to bathe in several times a week for proper hygiene.
  • Friends! Ducks and geese are very social and will be happier if they are kept in groups of 2 or more.

Special Notes

  • The majority of domestic ducks and geese released into the wild do not survive.
  • Some breeds of ducks and most breeds or geese can fly. If you clip the wings, clip the flight feathers on only one side to allow better escape from predators.
  • Although you do not need a pond or other body of water, adequate water to bathe in is very important for the health of waterfowl.
  • Ducks are messier than chickens.
  • Many dogs have a natural inclination to chase ducks, geese and other birds. Be sure to monitor your new pets closely to ensure their safety.
  • Backyard ducks and geese are subject to the same laws as backyard poultry. Be sure to check city ordinances and subdivision rules before bringing your birds home.