black-jersey-giantWas originated in the State of New Jersey during the 1880s. Jersey Giants were originally bred in New Jersey and are considered the largest breed of chicken. A good heavy breed, however, slower to grow than some breeds before surpassing them in weight and size. When grown the black feathers take on a green sheen within the black color. Admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1922 (Sustainable Heritage Chicken Breed). Both varieties noted for willow colored or nearly black legs and toes.

They are known today as a dual purpose breed. They have yellow skin and lay large brown eggs. They make excellent backyard chickens due to their calm temperament and are known for being good winter layers.


  • Breed: American, Heritage
  • Average Weight (lbs)
    • Hen: 8
    • Rooster: 11
  • Egg Color: brown
  • Avg Eggs Per Year: 180-260
  • Bred for Egg Producing

Sku Pullet: 29832
Sku Straight Run: 54163