Cinnamon Queen
We offer 2 Modern Day Brown egg laying strains from hybrid breeding that produce fast body development and fast egg production. These strains will start to lay eggs at a younger age than most standard breeds and produce big brown eggs. They are also color sexable as chicks, cockerels are white and the pullets are more brownish red in color. You are sure to be pleased with any one of the two we offer. 250-320 Brown Eggs per year. Large to Ex-Large egg size.

They are known as a dual purpose breed but because of their rapid growth and large carcass they are often used for meat. They have yellow skin, lay brown eggs and frequently go broody.


  • Breed: other breed
  • Average Weight (lbs)
    • Hen: 5.5
    • Rooster: 7.5
  • Egg Color: brown
  • Avg Eggs Per Year: 250-320
  • Bred for Egg Producing

Sku Pullet: 238145
Sku Straight Run: 238250