DominiqueDominiques, also known as Pilgrim Fowl or Dominickers, are known to be America’s first breed of chicken. This chicken has been around in the old English history long before poultry standards existed. Originated date is unknown and many of today’s recognized breeds were developed by using Dominique bloodlines, (Sustain- able Heritage Chicken Breed).

A great bird with a notable rose comb, barred feathering and a dual all-purpose breed. Their skin is yellow and they are known to be great layers of brown eggs. They make great backyard chickens due to their friendly, calm dispositions, heat and cold tolerance and excellent foraging skills.


  • Breed: American, Heritage
  • Average Weight (lbs)
    • Hen: 6.5
    • Rooster: 8.5
  • Egg Color: brown
  • Avg Eggs Per Year: 180-260
  • Bred for Egg Producing

Sku Pullet: 14547
Sku Straight Run: 68490