MOTTLED HOUDANThis breed dates back to the 1830’s in Germany. This breed was first exhibited in England in 1902 and was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1939. These are one of the most beautiful in appearance of any of our rare varieties with their striking black and white markings and slate colored legs. Very quick and active, foraging widely if allowed to run. The hens lay white eggs and are non–setters. The name is referred to as “a shadow under a sheet.”


  • Breed: continental
  • Average Weight (lbs)
    • Hen: 5.5
    • Rooster: 6
  • Egg Color: white
  • Avg Eggs Per Year: n/a
  • Bred for Egg Producing

Sku Pullet:
Sku Straight Run: 215972