Silver Laced PolishPolish Fowl were imported from Eastern Europe into England and nick named “Poland Fowl.” A very old domesticated breed of poultry mentioned as early as the sixteenth century. A full crest of feathers grow out of a knob of the skull of the chicken. The Polish breed is noted for one of the beautiful and ornamental breeds, prized exhibition and show fowl, the striking crest of feathers and large cavernous nostrils. The bearded and non–bearded of each variety can be found at shows throughout the United States. Several color varieties were admitted to the American Standard of Perfection from 1874 – 1996.


  • Breed: Continental
  • Average Weight (lbs)
    • Hen: 4.5
    • Rooster: 5.5
  • Bred for Egg Producing

Sku Straight Run: 67137